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We have collected a beautiful showcase of some of our best work over the years. Please review everything and see what we can do for you!

Contessa Stone Design Accents- Whether you are trying add some trim to your outdoor shower or spruce up a wall with pillow block stone slabs, “accents” as we like to refer to them as, can really make the difference between a regular sheet rocked wall niche or literally a piece of art. The limitations are pretty much determined by space and creativity so let your imagination run wild and make something unique and one of kind for your home.

Contessa Stone Design Balustrades—A row of short columns used in a group to support a rail, as commonly found on the side of a stairway topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building.

Contessa Stone Design Chimney Caps —Cover up your unsightly chimney termination cap (pipe) or rain pan with a decorative chimney cap. The chimney cap is designed to make your roofline more aesthetically pleasing. Our high skilled product specialists would be happy to assist you in choosing the correct cap for you.

Contessa Stone Design Columns—Exterior columns are normally designed around a structural wood or steel post. They are designed with a diameter to balance the length required for the job. We call these types of columns “split and hollowed” because they are literally assembled around the post one half at a time. When they are made they are turned on a lathe and then center cored for the appropriate clearance you need for the post. Lastly they are cut into halves. If you desire a solid column this can be done as well although can not supply structural integrity values for building engineering requirements.

Contessa Stone Design Door Surrounds—As with fireplaces, a grand door surround carved from natural stone has the ability to turn your home into a unique stand out creation that can speak volumes about your own personality. Whether rectangular opening, basket handle arch or full arch with a complex curve, the stone can be designed to be carved to fit your application.

Contessa Stone Design Fireplaces—We create fireplaces & mantels that set the mood as well as define the character and soul of your home. Whether your home is still on the drawing board or is a remodel from the 60’s or 70’s, fireplace surrounds will add a splash of individuality and grandness that transforms a room from a “remodel” to a “one-of-a-kind remodel.” Making it something to truly be proud of and adding value to your home. Elaborate carving, clean profiles, or old world recreations they are all done on a one-on -one individual basis to fit your needs.

Contessa Stone Design Fountains— Indoor or outdoor, wall fountains, corner fountains or full circular fountains we are capable of designing, fabricating and installing all of them. Fountains by their very nature can actually be either complex or very simple depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Things to consider are electricity and lighting, water source and piping, pump size and regulators and drain lines, filters and water treatment systems. We can help you with all of these concerns by interfacing with both your electrician and plumber. By the limitations of our K-5 contractors license, we can not perform the plumbing or the electrical work but will pour the supporting concrete pads, supply rebar if necessary and seal around all of the conduits for the above mentioned plumbing.

Contessa Stone Kitchen Hoods—One way to really add a unique application to your kitchen remodel is to build your kitchen hood enclosure with stone! Designed around your specific hood application and your cabinets, we can create a unique design for your home that can match carvings and profiles in your cabinetry or copy a photo from your last European vacation. We will meet with your cabinet supplier as well as your general contractor to discuss clearance needs and mounting requirements.

Contessa Stone Design Pots—Stone pots and other landscape enhancements are readily within almost any budget. Their inclusion also enhances an exterior already esthetically pleasing by brining stone work to areas away from the house.

Contessa Stone Design Window Surrounds—Simple profiled trim incorporated with a window sill can add that extra dimension to your stucco or your faux stone. Depending on the window design, and the glass frame set back from the house wall, the stone can be designed to incorporate nearly any situation.