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Full Service Stone Design, Importing and Installation

Designs, measurements and pricing…
It is important to remember that nearly everything we do is custom for your home, your needs and your design requirements. Because of this we will need to visit your home, see your blue prints if the home is still in the design stage and eventually meet with your designer and your contractor. For approximate pricing considerations we can use your blue prints to perform a take–off and get rough measurements. Sketches, photos and magazine pictures are all useful if you have design ideas that you want us to use. Otherwise we can go through a catalog of many of the designs that we have done in the past or create something brand new. We can accept blue prints in either hard copy, CD or pdf format.

You’re going to get what you paid for and we guarantee it!!!!!!
Once we have agreed to pricing and design constraints, we accept a deposit for the material costs and start the CAD drawings for you. These will be supplied to you and only ordered after you have approved them. Once approved we will double check measurements and order with our fabricator. We guarantee or work because our drawings are very accurate and will depict what you will get or it will be redone at our expense. (Note 1) The client is never responsible for dimension and only responsible for design sign off! Careful coordination with your builder is critical for us and when it comes to final measurements and the installation details, we take full responsibility.

Scheduling and timing
Depending on the work load that the fabrication shop has it will typically take 4 to 8 weeks until your stone is packed and shipped to our office. Shipping is usually a 3 to 5 day process and can be affected by a myriad of variables such as freight availability, and the border crossing and customs status. We stress to our clients that when ordering stone it is very important to get ahead of the process and timeline so that we don’t hold up other subcontractors at the job site.
After your stone has arrived we will unpack it, inspect it for measurement, color and overall quality. If all is good we will repack to ship it to your home or job site and schedule our installation crews.