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 A Word on Cantera

Cantera is a quarried Igneous stone that is made of calcite materials. It was formed millions of years ago by extreme volcanic heat and pressure. Cantera is by it’s nature volcanic ash with a variety of secondary older rock materials from the surrounding area laced with multi-colored pumice fragments. Color and density will vary from quarry to quarry as well as vertically and horizontally within the quarry.


Cantera has been a preferred building material because of its natural beauty, exquisite colors, texture and durability. Many ancient buildings and monuments in Mexico are still standing after hundreds of years.


Spanish conquistadors brought to America the techniques for carving cantera stone into elaborate and beautiful shapes. The centuries-old artistic technique has remained unchanged in its primitive execution. A few things to keep in mind about cantera:

  1. No two cantera pieces are identical. Unlike granite and marble it is not possible to pick your ‘slabs’ of cantera. Inherent variations in the colors as well as the hardness will occur. There will also be veining and deposits that are random and not controllable at the fabrication plant. Because of the stone make up there will certain small chipping that will take place.

  2. The stone texture will vary as well but is usually matched for the project and the particular piece.