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The Team

George Catalano
Contessa Stone Design, Owner
George Catalano graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. After spending twenty five years in the corporate world, he decided it was time to fulfill some of the items on his “life list of to-do’s.” Always wanting to be a builder, an architect and a designer as well as own his company, he found the perfect company that combines all of the above elements. Having a construction, engineering and sales and marketing background has helped tremendously to keep Contessa on the forefront of designs, installation and customer service.
Owning Contessa now for 10 years, he has stamped his personal philosophy on how to run the business on a daily basis. “Give clients a great experience when they do business with you. Make them glad that they did business with you and supply a superior product at good price point. We live in a world where customer service is a huge void in the business model, so we make sure that we under promise and over deliver…and then guarantee it! team-Jamie
Jaime Figuero
Contessa Stone Design, Operations Manager
Jaime is a native of Arizona and grew up in the Phoenix area. He started laying tile with his father when he was 10 years old. “It was my weekend and summer job while I grew up and I traveled the Valley doing installation with my dad and his crew learning the techniques and procedures.” He came on board Contessa Stone in 2007 and brought a higher level of discipline and technique with him that has helped Contessa stand apart in the limestone and cantera installation arena. It was his belief that cantera installation could be done with more precision by doing a better job in the design of the installation up front. That is before the stone gets ordered. An example of what that means exactly would be when you design a large door surround. Here you always start with how you intend on building the supports, wrapping the returns and accounting for variances in the stucco, the framing and even possibly the door frame itself. Accounting for variables in the stone that will ultimately be there since it is carved by hand along with the building itself, can head off larger issues on the installation. Consequently, we can make field changes that save time and expense.
Jaime is also in charge of all of the scheduling and deliveries and follow up customer service calls. He has been a wonderful addition to our team and our clients are impressed with his attention to detail and level of quality. team-kelsey
Kelsey Sease
Contessa Stone Design, Marketing Coordinator
After realizing the rising importance of having an online presence through social media and advertising we decided to hire a Marketing Coordinator. In June 2015 Kelsey joined our team after graduating from the University of Arizona with a Marketing and Management degree.